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I’m christian? Doubts about yourself

Basic instruction: Matthew 25: 14-30


Itinerary of the week

Sunday: Sl 23

Monday: Rm 8.31-39

Tuesday: 2Pe 1.3-8

Wednesday: Rm 12.3-8

Thursday: 1Co 12.4-11

Friday: Sl 42

Saturday: Sl 13

Mind and heart

“God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish, but have eternal life.” John 3:16 

We also have doubts and anxieties about our relationship with God and this is our study of the week.


Am I a Christian?

This doubt tends to afflict new believers, but it can cross the mind of mature Christians at one time or another during the Christian walk. 

Faced with a doubt like this, here’s the tip: don’t trust your feelings, but the divine promises that are outside of you. Salvation is in Christ alone. It is necessary to learn to distrust feelings in this respect. We must, instead, establish our faith in the promises of God. And what promises would these be? 

First, there is a promise that God, despite detesting sin, loves the sinner;

Second, we have the promise of forgiveness of sins;

Third, we have the promise that God will be with us in our Christian life.

Read Romans 8.31-39.


In the desert

When we read the passages in the Bible that tell the story of the people of Israel in the desert, we can be a little outraged by his doubts. God had shown himself so wonderfully, how could the Israelites doubt? But put yourself in their place, in the desert, for a moment. At the beginning of the walk, God seemed to be very close – I could not miss his presence. Then, as the years went by, the memory of that initial stage became weaker and no longer seemed to be worthy of trust. 

Sometimes, God will be present with us, but we will not feel his presence. It will be as if he is absent. This has happened to several people and it happens today, and there are records in the Bible about the experiences of people who went through moments of knowing that God was with them, but did not feel his presence. 

Read Psalm 42.


I am an unprepared Christian!

When we look at the responsibility of being a Christian and the challenge that lies ahead, that discouragement can beat that we feel unprepared for the work of God. But that responsibility comes with God’s promise that he will help us and that he will not abandon us. The gifts that God gives are according to your requirements and the purpose that He has determined for each one. 

Read Matthew 25: 14-30.


The parable of the talents explains this aspect of the Christian’s life very clearly. In it, we have two sides: the Christian who receives the gifts and works with them and the one who receives the gifts and gives a false humility. 

Three important lessons can be learned from it: our talents are a gift from God; he grants the gifts to be used; God’s gifts increase as they are used. 

Identifying the gifts the Lord has given you is an appropriate way to begin to discern his will for your life.


Pit stop

Have you been putting your gifts into practice or hiding them underground? God is not pleased with those who hide their gifts with the excuse of false humility. If you are not putting your gifts into practice, think about what it would take to do this and try to put them into practice.



The feeling that God is not with us or unprepared can weaken our faith and make us no longer want to go to church. When we think that God is no longer with us, that we are not important or have no talent that makes a difference for the church, we must urgently remember God’s promises to us, Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and that all Christians have gifts and that all gifts are important.


Bible and family

Talk to your parents about gifts. Set aside at least one day to do this by praying and talking about the gifts that everyone in the family has and how they can be used for the church work. 

For you

Type in the search engine of the site – Comfort (Comfort) and see what someone who does not use their gifts is like. 

>> Study Author: Bruna Perrela Brito