Two Kinds Of Knowledge

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Author Name – Kenyon E W
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Published Date – 01-05-2000
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All the knowledge that is taught in our schools, colleges and universities has been gained through our five senses. It is what we call “Sense Knowledge”. Man has never been able to know God through the five senses of his physical body. Sense Knowledge cannot give us the Reason for Creation, the source of Light, of Life, of Motion, of Gravitation, has been unable to explain the obvious design of Creation. When man reaches the limits of this Sense Knowledge, he turns philosopher or guesser. Natural man cannot understand spiritual things. Sense Knowledge cannot find God, can never know Him, but there stands by the side of everyone a Guide to lead him into the new kind of knowledge, the new kind of life. This book shows the contrast between Sense Knowledge and The Revelation Knowledge which we receive only from the Word of God. Sense Knowledge faith is in what man is, and can do, and has done. Revelation faith is in the Word of God, “That liveth and abideth forever.”

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