Exit Stage Right

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Book Author: Willcock Jennifer
Date Published: 30/11/2019 Compare

She wants to dance, and she’s willing to sacrifice everything, everyone, to get it.

Coco Bradley is a talented ballet dancer, and when an opportunity arises for her to audition for the prestigious Spencer School of the Performing Arts, she’s not about to let anyone stop her- including her parents, her friends, and any of the prima donnas of the art school. A pastor’s kid, Coco has grown up serving God and people, but gaining entry to Spencer means leaving behind all the expectations that come with growing up in the pastorate, as well as the dead-end town of Wyattsville.

Coco lives by the creed “Ballet First,” but she’s about to find out in a painful way that there’s more to life than dancing.

Opportunities, fame, and love all come calling as Coco chases her dream. But in going after what she wants, will she lose the things that matter most?

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