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Christian Writer’s Manual Of Style (4th Edition)

Now in its fourth revised edition, The Christian Writer?s Manual of Style provides answers to writers?, editors?, and proofreaders? most pressing questions about language, style, and usage, focusing on theRead More
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Closing the Floodgates (Revised Edition)

In “Closing the Floodgates”, psychotherapist Dr. Ann Gillies has written a blockbuster of a book exposing the biased, unscientific, and corrupt methods used to promote the sexual revolution of theRead More
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Devotions of the Heart-Book One

Devotions of the Heart, Book One is the first book in a two-book series. It contains six months’ worth of devotionals, written from the acquired wisdom, knowledge, and understanding ofRead More
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Finding Church

What if the church Jesus is building looks more like wildflowers strewn across an alpine meadow than a walled garden with manicured hedges?If, like many other people, you have questionedRead More
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From A To Z To Middle-Earth With J. R. R. Tolkien

The writings of J. R. R. Tolkien have enthralled millions of readers around the globe. This new handbook demonstrates that it is not just the words and stories of TolkienRead More
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Melting a Heart of Stone

If a reporter were tasked with analyzing the state of Christianity today by attending a typical Sunday service, they would probably conclude that all is well. The music is upbeatRead More
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Walking with C.S. Lewis Companion Guide

Ryan J. Pemberton’s Walking with C. S. Lewis Companion Guide brings added depth to Tony Ash’s video series Walking with C. S. Lewis (videos sold separately). It provides summaries ofRead More